Tamanoir et fourmi rouge

Guide des épisodes

The Ant And The Aardvark  (1969)
Hasty But Tasty  (1969)
The Ant From Uncle  (1969)
I've Got Ants In My Plans  (1969) 
Technology, Phooey  (1969)
Never Bug An Ant  (1969)
Dune Bug  (1969)
Isle Of Caprice  (1969)
Scratch A Tiger  (1970)
Odd Ant Out  (1970)
Ants In The Pantry  (1970)
Science Friction (vf: Le tamanoir et l'homme en blanc) (1970)
Mumbo Jumbo  (1970) 
The Froze Nose Knows  (1970)
Don't Hustle An Ant With Muscle  (1970)
Rough Brunch  (1971)
From Bed To Worse  (1971)
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