Cutey Honey Flash

Guide des épisodes

Guide anglais:

01 - In the Name of Love, the Maiden will Change
02 - The Young Woman's Decision, A Flower in the Sunset
03 - The Maiden's Dream! For Whom is the Bridal Dress?
04 - The Tear of the Mermaid Princess: The Father-Daughter Relationship
05 - Crossing Fate: Maiden of the Seven Colored Rainbow
06 - Unable to transform. Trapped Honey!
07 - Sea of Sorrow! Seiji: Memoirs of His Father
08 - The Sweet and Perilous Scent! Preserve the Chaste Romance
09 - Prince in the Crisis!? The Appearance of a Rival!!
10 - Secret Attack Ineffective!? Honey's Desperate Battle on the Face of Death
11 - The scare sneaks along!! ...
12 - Honey is at the end. The unexpected attack of Jill.
13 - Fight with the strength of the love! The last showdown with Jill.
14 - Appearance of a puzzling fighter!! Overture for a new fate.
15 - The bell to a new performance. The fight of the two Honeys.
16 - The love winds round with the hate! Confrontation of the sisters at tennis.
17 - Shocking revelations! Father reveals the secret to Honey.
18 - Burning flames of remembrance! Seira's vow.
19 - Challenge In swimsuits! Skeletal captain of the ghost ship.
20 - Panther Claw's triumph! The secret within Seira.
21 - The reason is the love. The last fight of the double Honeys.
22 - Seira dies in the flames! With the love of the father in the heart.
23 - The end of the love! The light of Honey wins against the fate.
24 - The breakdown of the school!? A threat through the new panther-units.
25 - A child of Honey grows up!? Somebody is after the baby.
26 - The idol is a panther? The hot song-battle.
27 - The queen of the circuit! Far away... A vehement fight with high speed.
28 - Her name is that of an evil demon! The compassion of the panther-warrior.
29 - A big adventure on an uninhabited island! Big excitement about a treasure-search.
30 - To escape the impossible!? With the enormous train on the way into hell.
31 - The love vanishes with the passion! A day of the youth of the father.
32 - The private detective Seiji Hayami has very big hunger! A whole day runs completely crooked.
33 - The trap in the cosmos! Honeys biggest crisis.
34 - Honey's election of love! Seiji against the prince.
35 - Trust me! The light of love develops its full strength.
36 - The will to fight! Lightning attack at the pro wrestling match.
37 - At the end of the crusade. (part 1) The love lies with respect to the fate.
38 - At the end of the crusade. (part 2) In the dream one sees the victory of the strength.
39 - Honey as a bride! The light of love shines for eternity.
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